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Donald Trump $1MIL White Gold Bank Note

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Introducing the NEW $1M White Gold Donald Trump BankNote! 

This is a fun, unique, and excellent gift item for your friends and family.

Hang it on the wall, frame it on your desk, show where YOU stand!


Laser accurate lines.

  • Holographic print throughout the bill representing authenticity. 
  • Embossed Federal Trump Note Number.
  • Presidential Seal.
  • White Gold  Plating throughout the entire bill with distinguishable quality you can see & feel. 
  • Your TOTAL satisfaction is guaranteed
  •  NOTE: This is NOT legal tender. 

$1.99 $4.99

Add 3D Premium Floating Bill Display


Add protective bank note holder



Donald Trump $1MIL White Gold  Bank Note
Donald Trump $1MIL White Gold Bank Note

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