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Black & Gold Plated Novelty $100 Bill

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This Novelty $100 Bank Note Is Plated With 24kt Gold! Black & Gold designs throughout the entire bill!

A great display piece for the home or office! 

Make a statement and start a conversation over this commemorative item.

*Note* This is a novelty item and is NOT legal tender!


Laser accurate lines.

Holographic print throughout bill for clean aesthetics.

Gold plating and black printing embossed throughout the entire bill with distinguishable quality you can see & feel.

Your TOTAL satisfaction is guaranteed

NOTE: This is NOT legal tender.



$1.99 $4.99

Add 3D Premium Floating Bill Display


Add protective bank note holder



Black & Gold Plated Novelty $100 Bill
Black & Gold Plated Novelty $100 Bill

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