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Black & Gold Plated $500 Novelty Bill

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This Novelty $500 Bank Note Is Plated With Gold mixed with Black tones embossed throughout the entire bill!

William McKinley is featured on the face of the bill!

A great display piece for the home or office! 

Make a statement and start a conversation over this limited collectible!

*Note* This is a novelty item and is NOT legal tender!


Laser accurate lines.

Holographic print throughout bill for clean aesthetics.

Gold plating throughout the entire bill with distinguishable quality you can see & feel.

Your TOTAL satisfaction is guaranteed

NOTE: This is NOT legal tender.



$1.99 $4.99

Add 3D Premium Floating Bill Display


Add protective bank note holder



Black & Gold Plated $500 Novelty Bill
Black & Gold Plated $500 Novelty Bill

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